How To Start A Barbing Saloon Business

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How To Start A Barbing Saloon Business, With the current wave of unemployment sweeping the entire economy, barbing provides a unique avenue for young people all over the country seeking to be self-employed.

This previously overlooked venture has become the primary source of livelihood to more than a thousand Nigerians.

Barbing Saloon BusinessThe price for a haircut in Nigeria averages between N200 to N1000 depending on location and quality of service.

With youngsters, ladies and even the elderly caught in the craze of the various stylish hairstyles

there is never a lack of demand for skilled barbers

To start up a barbershop/barbing salon, the first ste bvious; you need to know how to give hair cuts, at least the basics.

This is by far the most important step because while the appearance of your salon might attract customers, only your level of skill can keep them returning and telling others of your expertise.


So while learning to cut hairs, uttermost dedication and concentration should be applied.

Learning hair cutting takes about 3 weeks, it could be more or less depending on your assimilation speed.

The easiest and most popular way to learn is to attach yourself to an established barber as an apprentice for a small fee.

The primary things to learn are how to cut various styles, shaving, dying, hair relaxing and washing, carving and trimming.

After these have been learnt, you’re good to go!

The next step is sourcing for a shop to rent.

The location of your proposed barbershop is very crucial in determining the amount of customers that patronize your services, it can even go as long as determining the prices you charge.

Your target areas should be neighborhoods or places with thick population or busy roadsides, even a market can turn out to be an excellent location for a barbershop.

Starting up a barbershop business in a lonely location is the first step in killing your opportunities, you’ll never get enough customers and you’ll still have to pay rent and other maintenance bills, it becomes only a matter of time before your income doesn’t match up to the expenses and the business will be forced to fold up.

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Setting up the barbershop by a busy roadside has the advantage of being patronised by motorists, hence “big men”.

This gives you the luxury of fixing somewhat high prices in relation to neighbourhoods barbershops.

The advantage of starting your business in a populated neighbourhood is that there will be an endless supply of customers and even though you may not charge as high as you would on a roadside,

the steady stream of customers will ensure your pockets are always filled!

Current Stylish and Trendy Haircuts

  • Punk
  • Afro
  • Mohawk
  • crew cut
  • Mini Afro
  • Buzz Cut
  • Box Fade Cut
  • etc.

As is common knowledge, everyone knows that electricity is the driving force behind almost all businesses, therefore another factor to consider in setting up your shop is power/electricity supply, it wouldn’t really be much of an income if you spend half of your profit on buying fuel for generators.

Considering all this, setting up the shop in an area with at least a moderately constant supply of electricity is the best bet.

After you must have tackled the rigors of finding a suitable shop, the next step is to buy the necessary tools you’ll need for your job.

The quality of tools and equipment you’ll need depends entirely on your budget.

At the lower segment of article you’ll find an estimate on the capital that would be needed to startup this venture.

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The basic requirements are: How To Start A Barbing Salon Business

  •  two clippers (two because one should be sterilizing while the other is in use)
  • combs of various sizes
  • scissors
  • generator
  • fan
  • hairbrushes
  • towels
  • mirrors
  • seats (a recliner cushion/bench and a straight back single seat)
  • bibs
  • methylated spirits
  • relaxers
  • hair dyes
  • and dusting powders.


Other basic requirements are: How To Start A Barbing Salon Business

After the purchase of these items, the next thing should be enhancing the appearance of the shop.

This should involve painting with beautiful attractive colors and flooring with either a linoleum carpet, tiles or marbles.

The use of rugs is strongly advised against since rugs accumulate dirt easily and are difficult to maintain.

The best choice would be tiles, but linoleum carpets can serve in their stead if the resources are limited.

A large sign stating the name of your barbershop should be placed by the side or above the door of your shop.

Signposts can also be placed in strategic locations

for example if your shop is located deep within a street

you can place a sign at the beginning of the street advertising the location of your shop.

If there is extra cash to spare, a television, sound system and satellite tv could be thrown in.

All these May seem wasteful or irrelevant at first,

but I cannot count the number of times I’ve gone to a barbershop to watch a match or maybe just chill out and ended up having an unplanned haircut.

Making your shop as comfortable as possible will make you customers feel at ease and electronics like televisions and sound systems will attract people who could end up becoming customers.

Okay! Once you’ve done all these your shop is set and ready to be operational.

The only thing left is to have an orderly schedule and precise business plan to maximize profit.

Make a timetable of when to resume and close each day of the week and keep to it.

This gives your customers a sense of confidence in you and they’ll know when to expect you around.

It’s also a good idea to paste a price list for your various services to avoid embarrassment for your customers as well as yourself.

Maintaining a clean workspace is essential

therefore you should have a long broom and bin close by at all times to sweep of hair fluffs.


Other requirements are: How To Start A Barbing Salon Business

Finally, the required capital to start up the business.

If you’re seeking to start small, N50 000 will be enough to start up

that is excluding the cost of renting a shop. This can be used to purchase the basics

with no luxury items.

When on a small budget, linoleum carpets can be used instead of marble or tile floorings, wooden benches can be used instead of cushioned sofas and plastic seats instead of cushioned straight back seats.

If there is a lot more cash at disposal,

about N150 000 will provide a barbershop of luxury standard.

A barber can make as much as between N2 000-N10 000 everyday

that is at least N60 000 monthly!

More than what some white collar jobs pay.

After starting up you can expand your business by employing one or two other barbers to work for you depending on the demand.

Good luck as you set out to become your own boss.

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