DISADVANTAGES OF ZOBO DRINK | Why You Should Not Drink Zobo Drinks

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DISADVANTAGES of  ZOBO DRINK | Why You Should Not Drink Zobo Drinks | Disadvantages of drinking Zobo

“Zobo drink” which can also be known as Hibiscus tea, karkade or sour tea is a sweetened water extract of the dried calyx of hibiscus sabdariffa.

It is a beverage enjoyed by a large part of the Nigerian population.

The drink which has a purplish appearance has a slightly sweet-pungent taste is highly appealing.

While most obtain zobo from hawkers or traders in plastic cans, some prefer theirs home made.

Health wise, most people do not know how zobo affects the body, especially with heavy consumption.

Just like most drinks, there are both cons and pros of zobo.

People also asked:


Recent studies have shown that zobo contains certain agents which have the ability to reduce blood pressure significantly.

With this in mind, people suffering from low blood pressure should stay away from this drink.

Combined with medication taken to prevent low blood pressure, zobo can become a danger to the health.

But on the plus side, zobo be be really helpful in case of hypertension syndrome as it can help reduce blood pressure remarkably.



Most people experience slight intoxication after drinking zobo, this is because zobo possesses certain mild hallucinogenic agents.

So if you work as a driver or drive regularly, taking zobo on a regular basis isn’t the right thing for you.

This also applies to people who operate heavy machinery or work in factories/industries that require uttermost concentration to avoid accidents and serious trouble.


This majorly has to do with woman who have issues with their menstrual cycles.

When zobo drink is taken on a regular basis, it can interfere with the process of oestrogen production and slow it down.

So, of you experience this problem you should consider staying away from hibiscus tea for a while.

It is also important to note that women taking birth control pills should stay away from this drink because of its specific properties.

This if you experience this problem you should opt for some other drink and eliminate zobo from your daily diet.


Some reports have shown that zobo drink can prevent women from getting pregnant (this doesn’t mean that it should be used as a reliable contraceptive!).

Since it has been scientifically proven that zobo is harmful to oestrogen levels, it can also apparently prevent women from getting pregnant.

So if you are planning on having a child, zobo should be eliminated from your daily ration because not only can if prevent pregnancy but (who knows?) can also affect the fetus.


Given the way this tea works, it can slow down your body a little bit.

And as a result you end up going less work as you would normally do in a stipulated amount of time.

So hibiscus drink works great if you are considering having some rest.

But in case you want to stay productive it’s a definite no go area.


It is important to remember that even though zobo can be helpful in various ways, there are certain disadvantages one should know about and be careful with.

Scholars say  that the properties of hibiscus work on such a way that they stimulate menstrual cycle.

Therefore zobo can serve as a timely fix for women having their period late.

However in other cases, they should stay away from it, as it can prevent the pregnancy and stimulate it at the wrong time.




• Pregnant women

• Lactating Mothers

• People taking anti inflammatory drugs or medicines containing Acetaminophen such as Actifed, some cold and cough medicines containing codeine and pain killers.

• People having low blood pressure

• Drivers and people operating heavy machinery


A lot of study in still underway on exactly how zobo affects the body especially on the negative side.

Irrespective of the above mentioned negative side effects, zobo has some really good sides. DISADVANTAGES OF ZOBO DRINK

• It helps reduce high blood pressure

• Contains high vitamin c levels which is necessary to prevent scurvy

• Aids proper functioning of the liver

• It is know to help reduce body temperature(this comes in handy during hot seasons)

• Some women claim it helps to reduce pains during menstruation

• It can help with weight loss

• And it can help manage depression in its early stages


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