Steps To Prepare Popular Nigerian Soups, EGUSI, OGBONO, AFANG, OKRA

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Steps To Prepare Popular Nigerian Soups, EGUSI, OGBONO, AFANG, OKRA 

Steps To Prepare Popular Nigerian Soups

Steps To Prepare Popular Nigerian Soups

Soups are one of the most popular dishes common to most Nigerian households.

Almost every Nigerian family eats soup at least once a day, especially during the afternoon.

Unlike in the Western world where soups are taken alone as meals, Nigerian soups are taken with some “support” such as:

Steps To Prepare Popular Nigerian Soups
  • Garri
  • Fufu
  • Pounded yam
  • Wheat
  • And semolina.
  • These are generally termed swallows.

Nigerian indigenous soups carry a lot of prestige since the are the major dishes served at most traditional gatherings.

Steps To Prepare Popular Nigerian Soups
Here is a list of some common Nigerian soups:

  • Egusi soup
  • Ogbono soup
  • Okra soup
  • Nsala soup
  • Onugbu soup
  • Oha soup
  • Banga soup
  • Atama soup
  • White soup
  • Ewedu soup
  • Afang soup
  • Edikang Ikong soup
  • Bitter leaf soup
  • Editan soup
  • Okazi soup
  • Abak Odusa soup
  • Ibaba soup etc.
    Steps To Prepare Popular Nigerian Soups

Although most of these soups are native to certain tribes, they can be prepared and enjoyed by anybody anywhere in the country and beyond.

That is of course if you possess the necessary ingredients and skill.
Here’s a simple step by step tutorial on how to prepare some of these wonderful dishes.

Steps To Prepare EGUSI SOUP

Ingredients To Prepare EGUSI SOUP:

  • Meat of choice 2kg (beef, chicken turkey, goat meat, or assorted meat)
    Assorted meat is a combination of different parts of a cow
  • 4 cups of egusi (melon)
    Dry fish (about two medium sizes)
  • 1 cup of ground crayfish
  • 1 cup of Ground Osu (optional)
    a good quantity of washed bitterlaef
  • 3 cubes of knorr, maggi or other natural sweetener
  • 250ml of palm oil
  • About 2 liters of water
  • Salt and pepper to taste.
  • One medium size Stock fish head (okporoko) (optional)
  • Ogiri or dawadawa or opkei (local ingredients) optional

The Procedures on How To Prepare EGUSI SOUP

Steps To Prepare Popular Nigerian Soups
  1. Grind the four cups of egusi with a dry blender or hand grinding machine and set aside in a bowl.
  2. Add about  a cup of water to it and stir to make a very thick paste (this is properly illustrated in the video below)
  3. Be sure that the bitterleaf (onugbu) is properly washed, it is advisable to remove over 95 percent of the bitter taste, this process in known to most Nigerians, it involves washing and squeezing the bitter leaves for several minutes in a very big bowl.
  4. If you bought the already-washed bitterlaef from the market it already, beautiful! it is advisable to boil alone for about ten minutes, this would further remove the  bitter taste and serve other purposes.
  5. Parboil the meat of your choice with all the necessary ingredients, it is advisable to parboil meat with some ingredient before adding to the main food, this improves the taste of the meat.
  6. Steps To Prepare Popular Nigerian Soups


  7. Parboil for about ten minutes, then add water and cook till the meat is tender and the stock (water) is about to dry.
  8. Use two cubes of knorr, one spoon of kitchen glory beef spice (optional)
  9. A teaspoon of salt and half cup of sliced onions.
  10. Soak the dry fish and stock fish in a bowl with hot water and wash thoroughly to remove sand and center bone, then set aside.
  11. Tear open the head of stock fish and wash.
  12. Here is the actual making of Nigerian egusi soup with bitterleaf.
  13. Set your cooking pot on fire and add 250ml of  palm oil (red oil)
  14. Allow to heat for a minutes but don’t allow to bleach.
  15. Add the egusi paste and keep stirring for the next eight to ten minutes to form seed-like crumbs.
  16. Then transfer the already cooked meat into the pot, stir
  17. Add the washed dry fish, stock fish, ground crayfish, 2 cubes of maggi or knorr, 3 cups of water.
  18. Then cover half way and allow to boil for the next ten to fifteen minutes.
  19. Stir occasionally to avoid burning.
  20. At this point you can add one cup of ground osu (optional)
  21. A tablespoon of ground ofor or achi.
  22. Add the already washed bitter leaves, (or ugu [fluted pumpkin])
  23. One spoon of ground dawadawa (local ingredients)
  24. Taste for salt and pepper.
  25. You may add another cube of knorr.
  26. Allow to boils for five to ten minutes and you just made a delicious egusi soup.
Steps To Prepare Popular Nigerian Soups


Ingredients To Prepare:

  1. Meat of choice (beef, chicken, turkey or assorted meat)
  2. 1 cups of ogbono seeds
  3. Stock fish head (medium size)
  4. 2 medium size dry fish
  5. 1 cup of crayfish (ground)
  6. Fluted pumpkin (a bunch)
  7. 1 teaspoon of ogiri or ground dawadawa or okpei (local ingredients) (optional)
  8. 10 to 15cl of palm oil
  9. About 1 liters of water
  10. salt and pepper to taste.

Procedures on How To Prepare:

  1. Before you cook Ogbono Soup you should:
  2. Grind the Ogbono with a dry mill.
  3. Cut the frozen spinach when it is not completely defrosted. It is easier that way.
  4. Then when completely defrosted, squeeze out the excess water.
  5. Cook the assorted meat with the stock cubes and onion.
  6. If you will use Shaki, remember to start cooking that first, then add beef when almost done.
  7. Grind crayfish and pepper.
  8. Boil some water and set aside.

Cooking Directions for Ogbono Soup

  1. Pour the palm oil into a clean dry stainless steel or aluminium pot.
  2. Set on the stove and melt the oil at low heat.
  3. Remember, only melt the oil, do not allow it to heat up.
  4. Once melted, turn off the heat and add the ground Ogbono.
  5. Use your cooking spoon to dissolve the Ogbono in the oil.
  6. When all the Ogbono powder has completely mixed with the oil, add the meat/fish stock (water from cooking the assorted meat and fish).
  7. Set the heat of your cooker to low and start stirring. You will notice the Ogbono start to thicken and draw.
  8. Keep stirring till the Ogbono has completely absorbed the meat stock.
  9. Add a small quantity of the hot water and stir till the Ogbono has absorbed all the water.
  10. Making sure that your heat is set to low, cover the pot and start cooking.
  11. Once it starts to simmer, stir every 2-3 minutes for 20 minutes.
  12. So what you’ll do is: every 3 minutes or so, open the pot, stir every well, scraping the Ogbono that sticks to the base of the pot, cover the pot and cook for another 3 minutes.
  13. Steps To Prepare Popular Nigerian Soups


  14. After 20 minutes, the Ogbono should be well cooked and you will begin to perceive its nice flavour and aroma.
  15. Add the assorted meat and fish, ground crayfish, salt and pepper to taste.
  16. The Ogbono may have become thicker from the cooking.
  17. If so, add a little bit more water and stir very well.
  18. Cover and cook till the contents of the pot is well heated up.
  19. If you prefer your Ogbono Soup without vegetables, turn off the heat and serve but if you like to add a vegetable then keep reading 🙂
  20. When the contents of the pot have heated up
  21. Add the vegetable (frozen Spinach used in the video).
  22. Stir very well, cover the pot and turn off the heat.
  23. Leave to stand for about 5 minutes and serve with any swallow of your choice.

Steps To Prepare AFANG SOUP

Ingredients To Prepare:

  1. Sliced fresh water leaves (1kg)
  2. 1/2 cup of ground crayfish
  3. Ground fresh Ukazi leaves (200g)
  4. 3 cubes of knorr (sweetener)
  5. 1 stock fish head (medium size)
  6. 2 medium sized dried or roasted fish
  7. 1.5 cups of palm oil
  8. 1 cup of Periwinkles (optional)
  9. Snails (optional)
  10. Salt and Pepper to taste (red fresh pepper)
  11. Pkomo (Optional)
  12. 1-2KG of any meat of choice.

Procedures on How To Prepare:

  1. First, wash and boil your meat with stock fish, salt and onion only.
  2. While those cook, wash and chop the water leaf and set aside.
  3. Pound the afang roughly if it’s not yet blended and set aside.
  4. Wash and debone the dry fish with warm salted water and set aside too.
  5. Add palm oil, cover and leave to boil more for about 2 minutes.
  6. Add seasoning cubes and pepper to the boiling pot of meat and stock.
  7. Taste for salt.
  8. Add your cow skin, snails, and crayfish and dry fish ( For dry fish, if you do not want it to get crushed and lost, wait and add later)
  9. Cover and let the soup base cook well without any vegetables.
  10. Taste for salt and see that you are satisfied.
  11. Satisfied with the taste of your soup base, you like it?
  12. Then introduce the vegetables at this time.
  13. I like to add both the afang and waterleaf at the same time so that none overcooks.
  14. If you like to see particles of the dry fish in your soup, add them now that the soup is almost done so that they do not crumble during stirring.
  15. Stir very well and let it simmer for just about 10 seconds
  16. Taste for salt and donenes
  17. If you like fresh/crunchy vegetables, do not let it over boil, just simmer check and remove from from heat.
  18. However, if you like your vegetables cooked and not green, leave to boil a bit before removing from heat.


Steps To Prepare OKRA SOUP

Ingredients To Prepare OKRA SOUP:

  1. 250g Okra
  2. 3 cooking spoons red palm oil
  3. Beef: Best cut
  4. Shaki (Cow Tripe) (Optional)
  5. Fish: Iced Fish (Mackerel/Titus), Dry Fish,
  6. Stock Fish
  7. 1 handful crayfish
  8. Pepper and Salt (to taste)
  9. Onions (optional)
  10. Vegetable: Nigerian pumpkin leaves or spinach (fresh or frozen)
  11. 3 stock cubes

Procedure on How To Prepare OKRA SOUP:

  1. If you will use shaki (cow tripe) for the soup, wash and boil till it is done.
  2. Add water sparingly because this soup needs to be thick.
  3. Add the soaked stockfish and dry fish to the cooked shaki.
  4. The length of time it will take to cook shaki depends on the cooking appliance utilized. You can take a bite to confirm this.
  5. When you are happy that the shaki and stock fish are well-done
  6. Add the beef, onions and stock cubes and cook till done.
  7. Then add the iced fish and cook till done.
  8. Pour red palm oil in another pot and heat the pot to dissolve the oil if it is congealed.
  9. Add the diced okra and start frying to kick-start the drawing process
  10. Add some meat stock from time to time till you notice the okra start to draw.
  11. This process should take a maximum of 5 mins to avoid over-cooking the okra.
  12. Now add the vegetable and stir well.
  13. Add all the meat and fish, crayfish, pepper and salt to taste.
  14. Then stir well.
  15. Cover the cooking pot and leave to simmer and it is ready to be served.
Steps To Prepare Popular Nigerian Soups

So, that’s it on the Steps To Prepare Popular Nigerian Soups . Take any of the above soups with your preferred swallow and enjoy a perfectly healthy meal because of the numerous vegetables used in their preparation.

Steps To Prepare Popular Nigerian Soups

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